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10 October 2011 @ 05:27 pm
The Moss Legacy 5.0  
Hi guys! Sorry about taking another month-long hiatus. School started, so I haven't had as much time to sim as before. I also ran into computer troubles last week -- my onboard sound card failed, so I had to buy one. But enough about that. Let's get on with the update!

Previously: Birthdays, prom, etc. Galileia won the heir poll, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

Graduation time! Julius, take that douchey hat off. It's so gauche.

Apparently he and Ann Elizabeth made some sort of pact to wear silly hats.

Most Likely to Get Married? It's nice how Julius's classmates think so highly of him.

Ann Elizabeth's classmates know her so well! (Not.)

Sadly, my game glitched and Archer never graduated, so we'll never get to see what he was voted as. My guess is "Most Likely to Take Black and White Pictures of Lawn Chairs."

Welcome to das neue Moss Haus in Queenstown. As much as I adore Los Aniegos, living in a high rise turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. My game was glitching something awful. Besides, it can't hurt to explore a lovely new town, can it?

~Le Grand Tour of the House~
The vampire lair.
~End of Le Grand Tour~
Seriously, that's the only room I'm sort of halfway proud of.

Predictable Bodoni predictably goes after the first musical instrument she sees.

Lucy: You'll never outplay me. I am the One-Sim Band!
Bodoni: D:

Since we were running low on ingredients, I decided to get the Mosses back into gardening.

Of all the things Frank could possess, he chose a stack of towels. Oh, Frank.

Galileia: So, being a vampire means you, like, save tons of money on silverware! Right?
Frank: Who are you and why are you talking to me?
Also, Galileia's shirt looks dangerously low in this picture.

Celebrity Gossip grapevine, you depress me.

Narcissism and fanservice in one tidy package.

Well, it turns out Julius's classmates were totally right about him. He also had a kid. Named Julio. Just thought I'd let you know.

I sent Galileia to the vampire bar to get, well, vamped, but there were less people there than at the Jocelyn Wildenstein  Lookalike Convention.

Thurston is just as narcissistic as Bodoni. CLEARLY IS WAS MEANT TO BEEE~

The winenectar cellar is his favorite place to write. Who can blame him?

Wow, the spares have been getting busy!

Another day, another weird/creepy Galileia face.

Eleanor, you odd little thing. We've got a hot tub, a pool, a slip-n-slide, and an open bar, but you'd rather lovingly gaze at the potatoes. *sigh*

GALILEIA WANTS YOU! For world domination? To change out of those sweatpants? To not make any fourth wall jokes? IDEK.

Cosmo: So what, now that you're a hotshot celebrity you don't have time to talk to your old pal?
Galileia: I'm too old for this rubbish.

Dandy Gnome Factoid #4632: Gnomes like gardens. Like, really like gardens.

OMFG, Cosmo, you creep. No wonder Galileia stopped talking to you.

Thurston: I can't believe I'm already a grandfather. What happened to my youth?
Bodoni: Just... don't go spending any money on shiny, red cars, K?
Also, I will never get over how weird sims' arms look in this animation.

Writing your daughter's biography = bonding! Yay?

Guess who Galileia saw on her first day as a stylist? Trajan and his future baby mama.
I guess Trajan should have put a ring on it. At least she's not related to him...

Of course, we can't have her looking so frumpy.

Don't let that anguished expression fool you. She's actually really happy about her makeover.
Galileia on the other hand is... IDEK.

Not even ghosts are immune to the magnetic power of water slides.

Sweet. I wonder why it took so long for this generation to procreate.

Minutes later, I get this. Oddly, I blame Maria. You'll see why.

More stylist work. This lady here is Julius's wife and mother to the first child of Generation 5.
Or is it 6? I could never get this numbering stuff right.

Success! Also take note of Galileia's spiffy stylist threads.

Something is seriously wrong when you're out-danced by a robot.
Bartender: This is a Dance Club, not a Shift Awkwardly From Side to Side Club.


One day, Lucy got out of the pool and forgot to put her clothes back on. This has happened before.
Blame Peggy for the hair fail.

Bodoni: And now my day is complete.

Just in time for your breakup! What a lovely environment to raise a child in!

Galileia: I think I've flattered you enough. Can it be bites time now plz?
Frank: Eh, what's the harm?

I will never tire of this face.


Lucy still hasn't put her clothes back on.

Though after skinny dipping in the pool again, she suddenly realized she was naked.
Lucy: Oh, the horror.

OH PLEASE. You're not fooling anyone, hun.

Gravity-defying bath towels -- now available at Target!

D'aww, you go Glen Coco! Now don't split up, k?

Summer is going to have a strange childhood; I just know it.

This is what Galileia considers a normal conversation with another human being.
Galileia: And then he bit me! Right on the arm.
Julius: Uh huh, that's nice.

Julius: Say Hi to Mom & Dad for me. Oh, and tell grandma to put some clothes on.
Galileia: Will do.
Paparazzo: Wow, Galileia Moss talking to her younger brother. FRONT PAGE, HERE I COME.

...what. Let me get this straight. Archer, who just had a child with his ex (whom he broke up with twice) is now dating his uncle's baby mama. So... there's a high chance he might end up raising his cousin instead of his own kid. MY BRAIN HURTS. What is this, Days of Our Sims?

Archer's baby mama? *GASP* SLUT!

Galileia: There's not much I can do. Have you considered alien abduction? I heard that's a great way to lose weight.

Galileia: I can, however, get rid of that awful hair.
Paparazzo: But this haircut was $100 at Salon de Peggy!
Galileia: Puh-lease. It's so 2008.
Seriously. I don't know why I downloaded this. And since I combined my package files, I'm stuck with it. *sigh*

Paparazzo: All right, Bieber hair! Chicks dig Bieber hair!
Galileia: Wait, you wanted to impress girls? Nevermind.

No, Julius, those jeans do not make your butt look big. Get away from that mirror.

Oh, so now you're letting him style you?

Bodoni finally fulfilled her LTW. I'm so proud of you, bb.

Local Woman Refuses to Put Clothes On: News at 11.

Galileia's transformation is complete!

Welcome, new vampy Galileia.

And that's where I leave you, folks. Thanks for reading!

Lu: 02vox_mortem on October 12th, 2011 09:52 pm (UTC)
IKR? It's almost as if they were hand-crafted in some sort of stuio... oh wait.

I dunno, I personally think Frank's is the best out of the 3. Galileia's looks almost normal. XD

I second that notion!

Thanks for reading!